I'm Maitreyee Joshi, a Program Manager at Microsoft. Also, I develop tech for
disabled and cancer patients, run marathons, play soccer, act, make charcoal drawings,
study human rights law, and more!


I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Computer Science and minors in Drama and International Relations & Politics. At CMU, I served as the President of Student Senate, CMU’s undergraduate branch of student government, and the Vice President of the Pittsburgh Student Government Council. I was also involved in Greek Life, Mock Trial, UNICEF, club soccer, teaching, and honors thesis research.

I am passionate about using technology for social good. I most recently interned at Microsoft, where I developed data visualizations to help the blind understand their personal finances, and at Talent Beyond Boundaries, where I developed an analysis toolchain of a platform to connect over 9,600 skilled refugees to employers worldwide.

My passion for building technology for disabled and cancer patients has led me to develop retinal prostheses to restore sight to the blind, build a tactile feedback system to enable amputees to regain tactile sensations through their prosthetic arms, and more.

In my spare time, I run marathons, play soccer, act, make charcoal drawings, participate in local government, and study human rights law!


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